How it Works

Tech 9’s revolutionary nanoceramic glass coatings work by forming an incredibly strong bond with the surface of your vehicle, helping to keep it shielded from harmful damage-causing contaminants.

The coatings are applied as a liquid, but quickly harden and adhere to the surface of your vehicle, sealing and filling in any nanopores. Our nanoceramic glass coatings have a hardness level of 9H, which is much higher than a standard clear coat’s 2H or 4H level hardness.

Our coatings help to protect your vehicle from scratches and swirl marks, corrosion and rust, graffiti, acidic substances and chemicals, and the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. They can even help regulate the temperature of your vehicle. Tech 9 coatings offer a permanent protection solution and are so durable that they can only be removed by machine polishing.

Because Tech 9 Coatings are over one hundred times thicker than your standard wax, they can absorb damage that would normally affect your vehicle’s delicate paint job. In the event that your protective coating incurs some minimal damage, it can easily be buffed out without having to be completely replaced. To top it off, our coatings leave a smooth, glossy finish. And because they repel water, your car will always look freshly washed, even if it hasn’t been in weeks.

With the expertise of our staff at Tech 9 Coatings, you can prevent costly damage to your vehicle and keep it looking cleaner longer, all while providing you that freshly-detailed look.

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