With proper care and by following our dealer’s recommended maintenance routine, Tech 9’s permanent solutions can last forever. It’s important to remember that your coating’s longevity could be impacted by where you park your vehicle, how aggressively your wash your car, and other factors. So, it’s important to maintain proper care.

9H describes the level of hardness Tech 9’s coatings possess. Using the graphite hardness scale, 9H is the hardest possible hardness, so you can rest assured your coatings can stand up to the elements.

Proper aftercare is important in order to maintain the life of your Tech 9 coating. We recommend hand-washing your vehicle with good, high-quality products on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.

No, while Tech 9 coatings can protect against scratches and swirl marks, they are not thick enough to protect from severe rock damage.

Yes, once trained by a certified installer.

Tech 9 coatings are applied through a meticulously careful process, ensuring that the coating properly bonds with the surface of your vehicle. Experienced Tech 9 technicians will start by ensuring the surface of your vehicle is properly cleaned, inspected and polished before applying the coating by hand, one panel at a time.

Some of our coatings are sprayed on, helping to spread the coating evenly over the surface of your vehicle.

Our Tech Bond product offers protection for the plastic, rubber and interior surfaces of your vehicle, while our Tech Xtile product can help you protect your delicate leather upholstery from discolouration and staining. Both Tech Bond and Tech Xtile will make your car’s interior surfaces easier to clean and keep clean.

Some of our coatings are sprayed on, helping to spread the coating evenly over the surface of your vehicle.

Depending on which Tech 9 protection system you choose, our coatings can help prevent the exterior of your vehicle from scratches, corrosion, paint damage and UV damage, the interior of your vehicle from spills and stains, and more.

Nanotechnology refers to the nanoscopic architecture of our coatings, which provide our coatings their world-renowned self-cleaning properties.

Tech 9 is a brand of various protective coating systems that are specifically designed to protect vehicles from interior and exterior damage. Using nanotechnology, Tech 9 coatings have superhydrophobic qualities that are self-cleaning, while offering unmatched protection from corrosion, bird droppings, rain, UV rays, stains, scratches, and other damage-causing contaminants.