A Next Level Protection

Protect your vehicle from the elements

  • Rain
  • Dust / Dirt
  • Rock chips
  • rust

Permanent or semi-permanent coatings

We use ground-breaking nano-technology that effectively coats the surface of your vehicle, providing protection from the elements. No matter the level of protection you’re looking for and for which type of vehicle, our wide selection of coatings means we have something to suit your needs. Each one of our coatings was carefully designed to protect each section’s unique needs – from the windows and exterior to the tires and interior. Tech 9 Coatings work by fusing to surfaces at the molecular level. By filling the tiny pores in your vehicle’s surface, the coatings create a hydrophobic surface that stands up against any form of contamination, providing you the peace of mind that your vehicle is protected and looks great.

Exterior Vehicle Coatings

Protect your vehicle from the elements with our revolutionary nanoceramic exterior coatings. Our coatings help defend against light scratches, swirl marks, graffiti, rust, and more, all while keeping your vehicle looking freshly detailed.

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Interior Protection

Ensure your vehicle’s interior is protected with our wide selection of interior coatings. Not only do our coatings help to prevent stains by repelling spills, they also make it easier to clean the interior of your vehicle’s delicate surfaces.

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Bikes & ATV's

Protect your favourite investments with our nanoceramic coatings. Over 100 times thicker than your standard wax, our coatings will help keep your bikes and ATVs looking clean and in great shape, so they are ready for your next adventure.

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Boats & Marine

Our ground-breaking ceramic coatings are the ideal coating solution for boats and marine vehicles, helping to keep them clean, shiny, and protected from corrosion and damage from the harsh effects of sea water and sand.

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Wow. I was very impressed and happy with the the Tech 9 Coating. Washing my car was always time consuming, now with the my Tech 9 Coating, washing my car is done in minutes. Just a fresh rinse with water and my car looks brand new. Even When my car is dirty is looks like…

Absolutely Amazing!

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